H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1Interesting Iranian FactsAccordion
2UntitledImage Hotspots
3MapplethorpeImage Hotspots
4Grab some CandyImage Hotspots
5Ana MendietaImage Slider
7Earth FactsImage Hotspots
8Work by Almanza containing themes of the wall and seperationCollage
9Kara Walker: "A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby"Interactive Video
10Lillian Schwartz vs Marcel DuchampImage Juxtaposition
11Questions from the chapterFill in the Blanks
12Flash CardsFlashcards
13QuizSingle Choice Set
14QuizQuestion Set
15Fan Art v. Real LifeImage Juxtaposition
16Murakami's I Love ItImage Hotspots
17Works by TamberEllaCollage
18Works by Takashi MurakamiCollage
19Lillian!!!!Image Hotspots
20Mother and Child ExhibitionImage Slider
21Match the Images from the same Interactive Art related MuseumsMemory Game
22Guess The PriceGuess the Answer
23Match the Piece of Artwork with its Auction Price.Memory Game
24Loving Vincent: Behind the ScenesImage Hotspots
25Contemporary Art MatchingMemory Game
26The Graffiti RevolutionTrue/False Question
27The Graffiti RevolutionTrue/False Question
28The Graffiti RevolutionTrue/False Question